Archive: Case Photos

The bottom of the stairwell.
The third to bottom stop of the stairwell. How do you get these shapes from a liquid fuel in a fire? It means objects were placed there!

Gasoline Jug in Ron’s Truck

The jug of gasoline, found AFTER the fire!
Ron’s truck was holding the jug of gasoline.
Ron likes to recycle. Occasionally.
This jug of gasoline was found AFTER the fire! (It’s a water jug, unapproved for gasoline use.) Ron carried it for a “friend” for a few days, as a favor, which is the only thing that Ron did wrong in this fire case.
Why is there still gasoline in this jug if it’s the origin of the fire’s fuel? I’ve never heard of a frugal arsonist!

Burn-area Evidence Photos

The burned hallway AFTER the supposed “gasoline” fire.
Behind the hallway door, where the fuel spill started on the way to the outside dumpster.
This is the closest the fire got to anyone’s apartment door. The sporadic fuel spill suggests no target/victim for this so-called “arson” and shows that it wasn’t gasoline.

Indications of the Gasoline Spill in Church Parking Lot

Around 9:45 p.m., about 2 hours prior to the Meadows Carpet Fire, Ron unintentionally spilled gasoline in a church parking lot near 200 S 200 E, Centerville, UT, as he moved things around in the back of his pickup truck. He was there to fill water containers with water from a public water well adjacent to the parking lot. The gasoline was in an unapproved water jug. Ron was unaware that the cap of this gasoline-filled water jug couldn’t be resealed (as originally designed at the Mount Olympus bottling plant). Ron spilled some of the gasoline on himself, his clothing, and on the parking lot’s asphalt. The residual gasoline odor in his clothing made him the suspect in the fire. The spill was because of Ron’s defective pacemaker, which shocked him (not just his heart), causing a painful spasm when the pacemaker detected Ron’s increased physical exertion, to stimulate more blood delivery during the demand of that exertion.

Below are photos of where Ron spilled the gasoline. The surface asphalt was dissolved (denatured) where the spill flow occurred.

Gasoline spill in church parking lot
Gasoline spill in church parking lot
Gasoline spill in church parking lot

Water reenactments of the gasoline spill in church parking lot