Video / Audio

2×2 Meadows Building Surveillance Footage

This is all of the provided building surveillance footage that the Prosecution has provided to Ron’s Defense. Out of a total of 15 indoor cameras and 2 outdoor cameras, the Defense has footage from only 4 indoor cameras, and key footage from those 4 cameras has been withheld which would exonerate Ron:

2×2 camera surveillance. All of the Meadows building surveillance footage provided by the Prosecution.

Calls to 911

Ron Makin’s 911 call, reporting fire and smoke. (Pertinent building surveillance videos not provided.)
Reporting commercial fire alarm at Meadows.
Meadows resident calls 911.

Officer’s bodycam (audio) of first hour (~11:56pm) after fire

Part 1 of 4: Building evacuation – resident says “Ron is going to go to jail” (@1m3s) – Police say of initial suspect: “There’s a guy running around in a red shirt upstairs up and down the hallway” (2m25s) and “He’s trying to hide” (2m36s) – They extract initial suspect (in red shirt) from the building – Resident says of person in red, “He must have went back up” (3m54s), observing that the person in red had earlier already evacuated the building with most of the other residents, but then reentered to observe fire damage.
Part 2 of 4: Interrogation of initial suspect (the only person needing medical attention, with smoke inhalation, possible heat irritation to hands, and panic issues relative to the fire).
Part 3 of 4: Firehall residents’ descriptions of the fire – Also, Ron describes kid loitering outside stairwell as Ron enters building immediately prior to fire alarm activation – Hallway occupant refers to smokers caught in stairwell on other occasions (15m12s).
Part 4 of 4: Investigation continues – Notice end comment, about initial suspect (at 9m18s)

Other audio recordings

Ron’s I Did Not Do It collage (excerpts from interrogation when being detained on night of fire)
Tom Rodgers at Bountiful City Council 06-25-19