Case of Military Service Claims


Next hearing / pre-trial conference: Wed, June 19, 2024 (See court calendar.)

Previous hearings: held on October 4, 2023, and later hearings.

In connection to Ron’s so-called “trial” and meritless, false conviction of Ron starting the Meadows fire, this Aug 9, 2023, summons is “bootstrapping” charges construed against Ron based upon the private discussions between Ron and his attorney, in preparation for Ron’s sentencing for the fire case.

  • Two Class B Misdemeanors (Providing False Or Misleading Information), UCA 76-8-504.6 — what they concern has not been specified!
  • Class C Misdemeanor (False Representation Of Military Award), UCA 76-9-706 — for Ron’s affirmation that he has received an award in the military.

Ron’s Military Record

Ron was falsely reported as “dead” or “incarcerated for life” by his roommates who burglarized him and stopped his social security, disability benefits, emptied his bank and lines of credit, pawned his personal goods, family photos, memorabilia, and stole, sold, or destroyed his personal identification records. This included military records and awards or honors, and his certification of search and rescue, paramedic, and public safety training and accomplishments.

At Ron’s sentencing for the arson charge, his well-paid (by Ron’s advocate(s)) attorney spoke only of Ron’s military record and achievement, rather than defending Ron with the abundant, clearly exculpatory evidence, as you see in this website. Ron’s military record, 1985-1994, had absolutely nothing to do with the alleged arson fire on May 19, 2018, over two decades later. Throughout this court case, Ron’s military record was never mentioned prior to this sentencing, yet his attorney insisted on speaking only about Ron’s military history, contrary to the will of Ron and his friends or advocates. Ron was not allowed to speak even one word at that sentencing.

At the subsequent financial damages hearing, it was reported that there were no military records for Ron. His attorney, again, did not allow Ron to speak even a single word. His attorney spoke ingratiatingly to the judge and prosecution and said that Ron profusely apologized for his misleading the judge or the court in this matter and that Ron would never, ever do it again. The attorney spoke only about Ron’s “false” representation. The judge was taken aback by such an unmentionable discretion in the court as to Ron falsely claiming military honors, but this was not done by Ron but by his presumptuous and court-serving attorney.

Ron’s attorney never argued any of the evidence (exculpatory or allegedly convicting), and suckered and coerced Ron into pleading no contest, which Ron—knowing his innocence—swore he would never consent to. Ron, because of his pronounced psychological disabilities, was manipulated and taken advantage of. His ADA rights (Americans with Disabilities Act) were never honored, and his disabilities were never acknowledged.

All of this was engineered to prevent Ron from making an appeal and obtaining restitution for the damages that this whole case and process have wrongly inflicted upon him.


Ron’s Psychological Evaluation Report

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