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Fire Dept Camera Info

Investigators used two cameras to take photos. This page shows only photos from the fire department’s camera for their investigation of the Meadows Carpet Fire.

Also see the Police Department’s camera photos.

Photos on this page are in chronological order, with times listed, which came from the “Date taken” metadata.

The numbers (marked with #) represent the numbered file names that the camera generated.

Photos of Sun, May 20, 2018

The fire alarm activated on Saturday night at 11:47pm (using the building’s surveillance system clock). Photos of that night were taken a few hours later.

Hallway Damage

Extinguishing powder is on the floor of the hallway. In the hallway, Ron used the extinguisher (which is shown below, photos #0088 & #0090) to extinguish the already nearly-dead fire.

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Stairwell Damage

Notice the white extinguishing powder on the door in photo #0094 (below) but that the extinguisher was not used inside the stairwell. The fire inside the stairwell fully extinguished itself, which only took a few minutes. No one witnessed the fire through the stairwell’s window. The stairwell window was not damaged or blown out. A gasoline fire would have caused an explosion.

Lower Flight of Stairs

The Third Step

Unexpected shapes for an “arson” at the apparent end of the liquid trail. Note there are two shapes—a square and a circle—indicating that there was more than one container but that there was only one trail of liquid, and that an arsonist would not need two containers to hold a flammable liquid. See page The Third Step for full explanation.

Ron’s Jug of Gasoline

A red herring—the jug of gasoline had nothing to do with the fire! It wasn’t a gasoline fire! No one smelled gasoline in the building, and it didn’t burn like gasoline.

Carpet Samples

Collection of Ron’s Clothing

Despite all absence of gasoline odor inside the building (and any report of such), or of fire behavior indicative of gasoline, Ron’s clothing of that night was collected by investigators, since his clothing smelled of gasoline.

Photos of Mon, May 21, 2018

On this new day, the camera’s file numbering system was reset to start at #0001.

That’s all of the fire department’s evidence photos.

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